20 Spring Festival couplets from all walks of life

In order to write up the upper and lower parties and horizontal approval, you must also write a clear industry.

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  1. Pharmacy Federation:
    Cucho Pymaline Pingkang Zhaomin
    R N Hotels for Hotels:
    Itzhuan to the north to the north, the guests
    R nThe treat the love of brothers and sisters in the east, west, and north,
    The restaurant and restaurant:
    The delicious recruitment of clouds in the clouds leading the incense in the cave
    Shengyou Changlian recipe Gao Pengya will choose Mountain Zhen
    Drunk with wine -like is suitable for cold and soda hot tea

    It Bargers Hotel:

    does not teach white hair to urge people to grow older than spring breeze
    repair is the new weather cut off thousands of old things
    The bathhouse bathroom:
    Golden chicken did not sing Tang Xian hot rising sun at the beginning of the sun
    Shichi Chun Nuanren people should bath water, winter Wenke more

    Coal firewood shop use:
    , but Zihuo Jiawang is the wealth of wealth
    nThis on the tongue can eliminate bitterness and spicy mouth, full of refreshing refreshing
    The color and fragrance are all eclipse, and you buy it and buy it again

    In front of Donglin willow, the green curtain high -hanging Xinghua Village
    The bottle color reflect grape purple fragrant bamboo leaves green
    Blustering on the peach blossom
    Yujing Qiu Xiang Qingquan can brew the cave in the spring career

    teahouse use:
    Teafa is different
    This water boiling invitations to Qingke bowl of Xiangteng Swai Demon
    Jiuqu Yishan picked sparrow tongue, a stream of water boiled dragon group n 鼙 鼙 音Two axillary wind

    If fruit shops:
    This to taste it. Xiang Kezhang Dju Xiankou Tongzhen

    Grain shop use:
    The treasures of Gu Naiguo use food as the sky

    The food is the remaining family of the people. Sea Guo Search Sweet Slood Chef

    Ip Sauce Store:
    The welfare welfare Wanmin
    This storage jade bowl fragrant peony adjustment and Jin Dingwei heavy salt plum
    Fu Guorian to stay in the four sea frost cream to cook snow and reconcile

    nCladed thousand acres of chiffon out of thousands of machine clouds
    Noved into Yunxia brilliant plants and trees
    The warmth and warmth with others

    The national mountains and rivers Tibetan color lines Four o'clock flowers and birds stored gold needles
    Mastering Relica, Zhongtianmei Jinco Luo Wanxiang embroidered into Shangyuan Qiqi
    n Yunxia divided into five -color splendid gathered together
    Get the needle so cleverly embroidered into Fengcai self -text
    It to wait for Chunhua Mingjin to start with Xiaoyue Huanlun
    The lightness can be called guest heart
    tender green tender red Bai white dyeing into a period of autumn guest

    The tailor shop:
    cold clothes comfort the spring breeze warm color line add to Ruiri
    The ingenious unique pattern refurbish everyone warm and wonderful hand.
    The old makeup of the new makeup pear garden in Jubu, Sun Yun Jinhuai Guoyi Crown

    Shoe store use:
    Monthly Ling Bo to enter the room Must stand in a stable step to distinguish

    Hat shops:
    D named doctoral gift high crown
    At any time

    The spice shop use:
    Snowflakes, moisturizing perfumes, fragrant fragrance
    Mengyan fat luster fluttering immortal

    Rainy shop use:
    Pungtian does not need to wear a road without an umbrella cover
    Sorrow Bai Ri Too

    Find shop use:
    The half -wheel moon incense
    The five -character price increase price of the army, Zhuge Three Army listening to the command

    This shop use:
    to see that Qiaosi has no means to fight children all day
    Green Seiko

    In glasses shop:
    n Farly and vaguely ascended to fast, and the sun and the moon are lucky to meet the Chang

    The watch shop for use:
    It engaged sounds to wake up and call Rudi

    Shiheng Manchu Gold and Silver Wares One Room Chang Ning Jewelry Light
    The Zhijun family Ji Xing Gao Zhao came to our room to be Lin

    Is Antique Store:
    It Xia Ding Shang Yi Zhuanliu Tongjian Qin Brick Hanwar List

    Jewelry shop use:

    In days in the Minghe silver as a water and sea in the water and sea for forest
    Fresh hands Chengchun
    10,000 purple thousand red workers embellish spring peach autumn chrysanthemum flat chapter
    The Fushui Garden Pingquan Flower and Guan Spring Breeze Li Qiuyu Banana
    Gaochang Yumong Mang Liang Workers' hands without abandonment
    Gaisya Ancient Millennium Millennium Shou Shi Rui Jing Flower Spring

    In painting shops:
    Jin Bidan's blue -funded color Zengmen 闾 楹
    Rotten wood wind and snow is difficult to invade
    This is Chunhuaqiu's actual care, not east Tu Xixi, n
    Prame stores:

    Glass store use:
    In light casting Qianqiu Jianqi qi

    Moon Shadow Qing
    The doubts of Yutai Suspected Moonless Boxes Like Tibetan Cloud
    The autumn water for God's Film Dust and not dyed the ice as the bone Hao Moon Tongming
    Lighting shop:
    does not worry about the sunset and night beads to come
    This room is as bright as daylight, the moon brings
    Use couplet:
    This ruler can be convenient to bring with you. Store use:
    The weighing is fair at the right weight
    News know that one shot is biased in hand and not allowed to care about
    nIn the knife shop:
    The light in the sky cold condensate, the bottom spring
    does not experience a few times how to make a fighter

    The construction industry:
    The operating Youzhi Building Ji Lianggong
    Set up all over the north

    The water instrument store use:
    The material selection is suitable
    sketching can be made of large materials and chairs. The origin of the wood can be used as a good job since ancient times

    In stationery stores:
    The old name of Cai's name
    The water storage and nourishing the Qingyu case and smoke out of Zixi Cloud
    Bi Lu Tang Poetry
    The good system fast transmission Wuyu block is enviable Zixiao Peak
    Qi incense fine gold pot juice old spectrum once passed the water smoke
    Yulu grinding the thick fog and the silver note. Sheng
    The five -color gorgeous Zhengjiang Ling Dream of the spring warm pipe city flowers
    silver flow 鹄 鹄 三 三 雅 雅 雅 雅
    iaoye returned to the paper water cotton r nThe as the body as the body of the body as the torrent of the body

    Ilons for the pigment shop:
    nIt green characters and red texts can be recited with thick makeup.

    It instrument shop use:
    The ginseng in the string ginseng in the wonderful song
    nIt does not meet the sound of the sound, the sound of the sound of the sound of the Yaji Baile Qiming

    The bookstore use:
    R nThe five -car book
    In long -distance collection of books in the world without seeing books
    n Stele post shop use:
    Symphony silver book
    The new pool of grass shop Lin appreciates the Lanting ancient study sea collection
    has a trace to find a model to pass the ink. :
    This talk about Chinese and foreign affairs, the ancient and the current love
    Cujue dan recovery, the spring and autumn pens are selfless
    thousands of years of treatment of chaos, the rise and fall of tens of thousands of miles, the assessment n
    In painting stores:
    It Yipuyun outer poets In the painting picture
    Danqing decorative landscape Jinbi painting building
    R n The finger of the bamboo tree building is now

    In the use of printing plants:
    Planting Bud Civilized Civilization Broadcasting School Books and Leaf Forest

    The troupe troupe:
    R n Quyi Lecture Bookstore:
    The chestnuts in the chest with a bamboo tongue flip the lotus
    N Dan Qing Gumei Real His True Han Mo Ji Gaishe
    Song Jinwu 绫 绫 绚 绚 Six books three strokes
    Liuyou all sven all life also finds the paper pile
    n photography Pavilion use:
    Themu's eyebrows are lively. nThis, painting, and painting, there are water, there are mountains, there are people

    It engages in print shops:
    Saiming pear jujube beast flying into Jianjian

    If marriage introduction:
    Ti Moon Lao Lao Pan Red Line and Musky Bridge r

    The trio Jun Mo Xun after Gu Zi without worry

  2. Centennial Heaven and Earth's Qi Qi Qi Mountains and River Taiping Channel: Guotai Min'an
    Sui Chun to the joyful blessing of the blessing: Caiyuan Guangjin
    The creative industry, prosperous and prosperous, and then glory the glory: Da Shi Hongtu
    n Spring Return to the earth on the earth, the warm blessing, the Helinmen Hengsheng Channel: Fuxi Yingmen
    Spring Land Land Flower Gorgeous Festival to Vientiane New Channel: Everything Ruyi
    : Spring
    The earth flowing in the winter, the winter, the new horizontal approval of the spring: celebrate the Spring Festival
    Red Peach New Year Apricot Welcome Spring Classification: Fuman World
    The Dongfeng Rain Mountain Cui Policy Return to Spring Channel: Spring Wind Rain
    Everyone is happy to yield and harvest. Sweet Channel: The situation is happy
    The anger map to strengthen the cause and hard work to get rich and build a well -off. R N Fu Xing Gao Zhao Family Fuchun Guangya Chu Chun Spring Channel: Spring is full
    Guju Baodi Caixing Wangwang Fu Zhao Five Shenghui Hengsheng: Thoughts to make it
    Xiang horizontal approval: Happy Spring Festival
    and Shun Yimen has a hundred blessings and the word value of thousands of gold. Spring Festival gathered in the New Year's horizontal batch: Family Happy
    The joy of the sky and the festivals of the festivals to welcome the Chinese New Year Channel: Family Happiness
    Diligence and frugality has a border of the year: Guoqiang and Fumin
    The old age adds a few more happy New Year and the next level of horizontal approval: resignation of the old and welcoming the new
    : Spring Return to the Dadi
    Mu'an Guotai Fengshi Fengshi Rain Rain and Song Hua Nian Heng Calculating: Democratic Thailand
    Long -term The age of Ping An Fushou Duo Chan: Ji Xing Gao Zhao
    The daily flowers and red wins in the river. Everything is like the Italian Auspicious family. Four Seasons Ping An
    The days of increased people to increase the life of the spring, the spring is full of the Fuman Building: Chang'an
    The things are happy to be the best thing to become Xingwei: Wufu Linmen
    Huizheng Catch: Vientiane Update
    The Zhiju Baodi Millennium Wangfu Zhao Furniture Restaurant: Happy New Year
    Backgammon high -horizontal approval: Wufu Linmen
    This is smooth every year. Caiyun rolled comes to cross the horizontal criticism: Everything Ruyi
    The spring of the year, four seasons, often blooming in the blooming bloom in the past: Welcome to the New Year
    Welcome to the rich and wealthy wealth to connect to the Ping An Heng Catch: Auspicious Ruyi
    Welne in the Spring Spring Mountains and Splendids.
    The people in the heavenly place and the treasures of the four seas of Kyushu: The source of wealth
    magnificent mountains and rivers, many colorful civilizations, all over -the -wind border: Mountains and rivers are magnificent
    n Spring blossoms with smiles, firecrackers, and across the sound: Xizhi Yingmen
    Huang Yingming Cui Liu Ziyan Cut the Spring Wind Channel: Yingge Yanwu
    Millennium Welcome to the New Year Rui Xuezhao Feng Years Channel: Jiaxing Hengsheng Classification: Happy Festivals

    The spring couplet of the year of the Tiger (six words):
    The earth song calls Caiyun Garden Spring Getting Cross Channel: Spring Full Garden
    Healthy Angel Classification: Fushi Donghai
    Xizi Yingxiu Yingying Yingying Old Old Hengzu: Welcome to New Year
    Xi Flower Bird Language Update

    The people's spirit like Dragon Tiger Motherland Rivers and Mountains

    n Heroes are like drawing pictures of Dragon and Tiger's motherland

    Lin Langchun, Yu Yinbin brilliant sunrise

    Ugly old Yin Xin Hongtu shows that the cow returns to the tiger jumping spring

    ugly to Yinlai, a thousand miles of brocade, tiger, Kyushu Spring
    Ascended Yuelu Huanlu

    The spring breeze intentionally willing to live with the soul of the national soul
    n Spring has a good tiger to see tiger style

    Chun Xiaoyin returned to the dance of the year, Zhaosu

    nThe tiger step Pentium wins the spring breeze and the mighty show

    Thena years winning the spring breeze, the swallow love

    This qi frequency urging the old scenery to overcome the new chapter

    Hujia double -wing future far -end exhibition of the new


    The tiger Xiao Qingshan thousands of miles of brocade greenery brushes green Liu Wanjiachun
    n Huxiao auspicious mountains and three realms auspicious coming Ziqi Feng Rain Rain Shun Zhaofeng Nian

    The tiger leaping dragon, Tengxing Junye Yingge Yinyin Pengcheng r
    Flowers are the best time to flow in the year of the Japanese tiger. n
    Thentes of the year of the Jiangshan Timetam, the Year of the Tiger

    The golden ox Angeson goes to the jade tiger to welcome the spring and converge

    rifle -old Qiancang Mangyu Tiger Yingchun Baiyexing

    The golden cow fierce rush to the avenue milk tiger and wing dance New Year
    Splendid milk tiger add wings

    The golden ox sending old thousands of music tigers welcomes new households

    nThe bathing spring breeze, spitting, tiger and birds, chanting

    Years of Yin and Tiger's affection for the year, unsurdium cow, earth spring
    Big Nian

    The bull fat horse Zhuangjia rich tiger leaping dragon junction

    Tiger Way Five Blessing and Spring Festival

    Niu Fen Four Hiring Tiger adds wings with wings

    R N Niu Gengwo Yangchang went to Huxiao Mountain Step to come

    Qianyuan Qi Yun Sanyang Tai Dou Bing Yin Wanhu Spring R

    The on the world's festive Kang Pingshi Tiger Chenghuan Happy Spring

    Blood tiger adds wing Snow Wu Feng Nianyan dance spring

    Herer, the cow is more expensive. New

    The dragons of the four seas express their ambitions, the hills of the thousands of mountain tigers

    Three -rivers and spring atmosphere of the four seas, thousands of households

    Yingjie Yue Pengcheng

    The New Year's Jiebao Tiger Tianyi Road Chaoyang Horseshoe
    n Raw Tiger Qi Sanchun Yangliu Yingge

    This Heroes of the Heroes of the Heroes of the Dragon and Tiger Spirit of the Dragon Tiger R
    Yingge Yan Dance New Year Tiger Leaping Dragon Dragon Daizhi The Spring Festival Yingge all over the earth, the Chinese tiger strength

    The tiger leaping dragons Kyushu Huancai Wee -luster Windy Wind Far Valley Fengdeng

    Niu Banfu Flutian Putian Dedicated Tiggo Lang Huatang Manchu
    n Ruo Taishan Tiger Dragon Plate

    The qi eastward comes to painting red flags to exhibit dragon tiger Yangwei
    n n
    The miracle of Yuelong Tengchuang on the earth, Yingge Yan Dance Draw the earth

    Tiger Xiao Dragon Yin Huaxia strong

    The Golden Bull resignation with Kaige to go to the dairy tiger welcoming the new come to the new coming


    The years of the Chunshan River adds the spirit of the people to cure the spirit of the dragon and tiger

    The motherland takes the flying Dapeng Zhen Ying Martial Arts to show the milk tiger showing magical power

    : See the Daquan of the Year of the Tiger Year of the Tiger (1)

    The Spring Festival Corporation of the Tiger (eight words):
    Spring Festival couplets to Gemin Antai's characters into double flowers and good menstrual criticism: Guotai Min'an
    Wufu Sihai

    The spring couplet of the year of the Tiger (greater than eight words):
    Five points to two years old, the heart, one night, two years old, the two -year -old Ruyi bidding: Congratulations to the Chinese New Year
    Putting on the China Splendid Summer Flying Motherland Wanzhuang Class: Mountains and Rivers magnificent
    Shima Mazi Dust and the Winning Bid Bid Bid Blood Kaifu Taifu Minqing Political Exhibition: Spring Manfu
    Huitong neighborhood, the door welcomes spring, summer, autumn, winter, autumn, winter, autumn, winter Fortune is waiting for Shixian, and the southeast of the households in the southeast of wealth: Ji Xing Gao Zhao

    1. Horizontal batch: Shengjing Zhengchun
    n The warm butterfly flip the wind in front of the court

    The appreciation: "Calling 'the word is mysterious, and" turning "is the most lively and clever, writing the wind of the wind is very vivid, and how can the warm butterfly' turn over 'Wind, this is a bit interesting.

    2. Horizontal batch: Ji Xing Gao Zhao

    The New Year's rich and rich years
    The word group, namely: New Year -wealthy -good year, good year -safe -peace -step high. The upper and lower parties are the same. This pair of "new" and "good" in the Spring Festival couplet are adjectives. "Spring", "years old", "rich" and "peace" are all nouns. "Year" and "step by step" are adverbs, "good" and "high" are verbs. This requirement is mainly to better express the ideological content with symmetrical art language.

    3. Horizontal batch: Foremills like brocade

    nPrinter: This couplet uses the "future like brocade", which is complementary to each other and complement each other. It shows that the people are very grateful to the party's central government's "often warm warmth" and "general care". The party has a long journey and brilliant.

    4. Horizontal batch: Spring Festival

    The spring back to the earth and hundreds of flowers
    warm Shenzhou all things
    n good times and good scenery everywhere Have good people and good things
    The new song, new meteorological daily music, new song and new song

    The appreciation: This type of Spring Festival couplet summarizes the prosperity of the motherland and the prosperity of all things, and sang the new appearance of the new era, It revealed the praise of the creators of the Spring Festival couplet on the beautiful life of the motherland.

    5. Horizontal batch: Wanshi Ruyi

    In night, two years old, Ruyi
    Five points of two years of mind

    -day increase of people's life
    spring Manchu Kunfu Gate

    The appreciation: This kind of family Spring Festival couplet expresses the blessings and wishes for the next year, hoping to do everything in the new year and good luck.

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