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  1. wholesale custom jewelry box manufacturer Both the standard and the original currency are relative concepts.

    . For example, China, it stipulates that the RMB is the book currency, which means that all the financial statements in domestic companies must be reacted with RMB, which is convenient for macro analysis such as statistics, plans, and convenient horizontal. , Vertical comparison;

    , the original currency is relative to its own coins. For example, a German foreign company, the boss is a German, of course, the financial statement of the company must be seen. Below is reported by the Boss of Mark Lailai in Germany. At this time, Germany Mark was regarded as the original currency in China.

    If in the same situation, if you arrive in Germany, Mark becomes its own coin, and the RMB becomes the original currency in the eyes of the Germans.

    In general, domestic foreign -funded enterprises must convey the cost of cost coins when reporting statistical statements on some domestic government agencies.

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