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  1. After the emerald bracelet arrives, use warm water for a period of time with warm water, soak in warm water every day, and then keep it regularly for almost a year. The details are as follows:
    1, and soak it with warm water for 2-3 hours after the hand arrives for 2-3 hours. (Wait softening on the surface), then wash it with a toothbrush, and then soak in hot water (about 70, 80 degrees of Xinyu), soak it into hot water and jade slowly naturally.
    2. After being worn for 1 week (2-3 weeks in winter) in summer, use warm water (about 40 degrees) every night when bathing. Direct contact, and then always keep the jade cleansing.
    3. Put the skin to wear, accept sweat, cosmetics, slightly acidic, and weak alkali invasion, which can easily lose the surface of the surface. Wash it regularly with water and wipe it clean. If you do n’t wear it for a long time, some jade surfaces will be weathered, apply oil, or restore wearing, and can return to normal.
    4. Occasionally, you need to place and appropriate positions when you do not wear jade bracelets, as long as it is to prevent falling, anti -theft, and imitation. If you are used to taking off the jade bracelet when you are used to rest or take a bath, you should pick it up in an environment of anti -falling, and then properly placed in the drawer of the bedside table. Pick the jade bracelet.
    If attention:
    1, do not contact corrosive chemicals such as strong acid and strong alkali to prevent spoiled. In addition, please note that jade is the most taboo below -perfume, chemical agent, soap and human sweat.
    2, do not place the jade bracelet at the grooming table when bathing, so as not to slide down. If you live in the hotel, you should immediately place it in the luggage package after the jade bracelet is removed to prevent forgetting in the hotel.

  2. Generally, you need to wear two or three years
    The jade bracelet for a long time, it will really feel more transparent after wearing it. This is because people's skin secretes a kind of oil, which usually penetrates into those emerald bracelets that have been worn for a long time, making it transparent.
    The principle is like a drop of oil drip on white paper, and white paper will gradually become transparent. It is clear that the emerald bracelet has not changed in essence, but it feels that it feels transparent than before, but its fundamental nature has not changed.
    This information
    D maintenance
    Emerald bracelets are high -end jewelry. Whether we wear or not, it needs to be carefully maintained. Especially the high -end superb emerald bracelet, to maintain the long gloss and color of the emerald, you need to carefully maintain it. Below we will introduce how to maintain the specific emerald bracelet.
    does not collide violently
    The jadeite is high, but some consumers misunderstand this characteristic as not afraid of beating, but it is very wrong!
    Is after the emerald bracelet is collided and friction, it may lose luster or even damage. Each piece of jewelry should be stored single to avoid collision and friction. Be careful not to fall when wearing.
    Stock exposure to high temperature
    The jade bracelet is not suitable for close to high temperature, and it is not time to dry for a long time or often expose high water temperature. Because of this for a long time, it is easy to produce physical changes and lose luster, not so fresh.
    do not contact oil pollution
    Emerald bracelets are a symbol of elegant and holy. Therefore, the maintenance of emerald bracelets should be taboo to be greasy. luster. When wearing an emerald bracelet, keep the jadeite clean, often wash with soft cloth in neutral detergents, and then use silk cloth to brighten with silk cloth. If it is a high -speed preserved goods, it will not be good to take into the kitchen to cook.
    Reference materials: maintenance of Baidu Encyclopedia-Emerald Bracelet

  3. The maintenance of the emerald bracelet is only targeted at not damaging, not to buy an unprepared emerald bracelet, wearing it for three or five years, or for three and fifty years, it is too much. word!

    The emerald bracelet, as the wearing time continues, the cotton in the inside has a delicate halo, but it is not enough to promote the imperfect, not too much, to change.

    So when purchasing, you must choose carefully, high transparency, and good clarity of jadeite bracelets instead of expecting to wear it for several years to change. That is myth.

  4. How to raise jade bracelets, after watching this video, your jade bracelet will be wearing more and more transparent
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