How much is Langfang recovery gold now? Where?


  1. Golden shops, banks, and pawn banks are recycled. Generally, where the invoices are purchased and where to recover the price, the overall is not cost -effective. Do not be deceived by criminals. Generally, the ID card is required for the record;

    Seeing the name of the invoice
    The gold has fallen again and again in the past week. It has been more than ten yuan lower than that when the aunt grabbed gold in 2013
    November 24, 2014 to about 236.5 yuan, gold jewelry 275 yuan On the right, investment gold is 244 yuan, and 215 yuan is recovered. The recovery price of pawn bank is only less than 200 yuan. Investment needs to be cautious if you need to query the detailed brand price. Jia illegal fund -raising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, contempt for some helping administrators

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