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  1. 1. Use magnets. First of all, we need to know the work of gold. Gold is not copper or iron. If the gold jewelry you buy is firmly sucked by magnets, it can be said that such gold jewelry is not pure gold. However, there are also some fake gold that cannot be sucking with magnets, but it does not rule out that it is a real gold jewelry. You need to try the thickest part of the gold jewelry. Because the weight of gold jewelry is very expensive, for example, the gold jewelry necklace, we use magnets to adsorb in the thickest position of the gold jewelry necklace.
    2. Use unlawish ceramic cups. First take off your jewelry into a glazed ceramic board. Please note that if your gold jewelry is made of real gold, then a golden stripe on the unlavic ceramic plate will be left. If it is counterfeit, it will be counterfeit. Gold stripes will turn black.

    3. Use nitric acid. This is also the method used by most jewelry dealers to test it. The operation method is very simple. We first take a drop of nitrate on the gold jewelry to see if it reacts. After dripping nitric acid on gold jewelry, if nitric acid will produce a green reaction, then it is a fake. If the reaction that the nitric acid is dripped on the gold jewelry is a milky white response, it means that such gold jewelry may be a gold -plated sterling silver -plated silver -plated silver -plated silver It is not a real gold jewelry. If you drip nitrate on the gold jewelry, there is no chemical reaction, indicating that your gold jewelry is real gold.

  2. How to identify authenticity gold, the first way to draw a few times with a needle, scratch is true. The second method is baked with a lighter. The real gold is not afraid of the fire. If you fall on the table, the sound is more dull.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a respondent in the financial field, “Talking about stocks and gold”, and has been engaged in financial and legal work experience for many years. I have seen your question. Time, please wait patiently. I will provide you with the most detailed answers in 5 minutes, and will not reply to you, thank you!nQuestion hellonAnswer Hello, dear, please wait, I am looking at your question,nHello, dear, I can fully understand your mood. If you are anxious, send it to you in sections for your reference, the first method: look at the printing, if it is a finished product of gold jewelry, each piece will have sufficient gold , Or a thousand -footed character print, this is the word print that the state requires gold jewelry, mainly to buy it in a regular jewelry shop. In addition, it is generally determined that it is true.nThe second method: weighing, the density of gold is 19.32, so a little bit, it has a sense of heavyness. If a gold jewel Only 1 or 2 grams, then this gold jewelry may be fakenThe third method is to see the hardness: the hardness of the gold is 2.5, very soft, and the ductility is good, so the general gold chain is easy to break, but the disconnected mouth is not so crispy. The feeling of sandwicking biscuits is not uniform. This is caused by the ductility of gold.nThe fourth kind of fire burns: This is the golden yellow color that uses professional jewelery to cooler the golden burning, which is really golden.nIf you have other questions, you can consult me ​​or leave me a message at any time, I will reply to you as soon as possible, dear,n6 morenBleak

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer you, good dear, you can use fire at home to identify the authenticity of gold. First prepare a candle, lit the candle with a lighter, and then clamp the gold with the crickets to burn it on the candle until the surface of the gold is black. Put the black gold in the cold water for cooling. Looking at the color of gold, if the gold is found to return to the golden yellow, it means real gold, because real gold is not afraid of fire refining. If it is fake gold, no matter how long it is cooled, it cannot be restored to the original color.

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