I have received some gold jewelry without knowing it and should the police station be retreated to me now?


  1. From the perspective of criminal law, there is no problem with the income from the public security organs to confiscate the crime and return the owner or obtain a third party in good faith. The public security organs have no obligation to refund the money to you, and generally refund the stolen goods back to the owner. There are controversy whether the stolen goods are applicable to the system.
    From the perspective of civil law, you personally acquire the stolen goods. Because you have not purchased it through the public market or auction, you cannot refer to the 106 goodwill of the Property Law. The owner can exercise the right to return the restorer. Civil compensation liability.

  2. According to the crime of covering up, concealing crimes, and income of criminal income: knowing that it is the income from the income of the crime and the income of it, it is hidden, transferred, acquired, sold or concealed in other methods, or concealed in other methods. He is sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of three years, and places or single fines; if the circumstances are serious, it will be imprisoned for three years and seven years, and a fine.最高法的解释:(一)掩饰、隐瞒犯罪所得及其产生的收益价值三千元至一万元以上的;rn黄金首饰的价格已符合(一)条,但你不是明知,你What you have to do now is to have sufficient evidence to prove that you are not known, otherwise it may involve criminal crimes.

  3. The dirt you receive will be refunded to the owner. The money you give or be fined or submitted to the country will not be refunded to you, because you do n’t know, and you do n’t investigate criminal responsibility.

  4. At that time, you must be a little cheap, that is, the thief was cracked by the police secretly. You can only think that it is unlucky, and it is impossible to return to you.

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