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  1. Emerald bracelets are high -end jewelry, and they need to be carefully maintained regardless of whether they are worn or not. However, Dai Yu has a lot of attention and taboos. Let ’s take a look at the taboos of wearing emerald jade bracelets!
    The emerald after lighting makes people touch
    It jade itself has the effect of avoiding evil, basically do not need to light up. If necessary, you must open it. After the light, the jade cannot let people other than relatives encounter, and the legend will be taken away.
    Is do not give people emeralds easily
    Is, jade should not be given easily (of course, to be relatives), otherwise the blessing of the jade will be brought to the gift, and the jade will be unlucky. If necessary, let the donated people seal a small red envelope to you, then it will not be unlucky.
    The contraindication, heat
    The same kind of jade is generally composed of a variety of different minerals, and the respective thermal stability is different. Therefore, the degree of thermal expansion generated at high temperatures is different. Different minerals It will fall off each other, resulting in loosening the overall structure. Often suffering from exposure or heat, the material of the jade bracelets will also be aging, density weakens, the water becomes poor, the meat becomes rough, and the color is dim. Once such a situation occurs, it will not be reversed or repaired, and it is impossible to restore the original appearance through daily maintenance. Therefore, when wearing a jade bracelet, it is not advisable to cook, sauna, or work. Especially when it is cold and hot, we should strengthen maintenance of jade bracelets.
    The taboo chemicals
    strong acid and strong alkali, which is almost the public enemy of all jade bracelets. Strong acid -intensive alkali will erode the surface of the jade bracelet, make it losing its luster, and even produce an indescribable small pit. If it is a long period of contact, even the inside of the jade bracelet will be eroded. In addition, organic solvents also have an impact on jade bracelets, especially for B -cargo emerald bracelets or other jade bracelets that have been filled. They will dissolve the filling epoxy resin or paraffin, making the jade bracelets scattered or rough.
    This is not everyone can wear
    Zhong Kui. In Chinese folklore, the gods that can fight evil spirits in Chinese folk legends are the justice gods that people recognize the evil and evil. In the old days, the Chinese folks often hung Zhong Kui like the evil spirits to eliminate disasters.
    but Zhong Yan is not able to wear it. It depends on whether the eight characters are hard enough, otherwise it will be harmless and no benefit.
    The carvings of Guanyin and Buddha should be particular about
    Is when selecting Guanyin and Buddhist pendants, be sure to see the workmanship clearly, especially the expression of the idol. A friend, wearing a jade Guanyin, Guanyin seemed to cry, unlike laughing, he was unlucky for a while, and now he won't wear it.
    The cracks do n’t wear it
    It some jade will have some cracks, which is quite normal, the so -called "ten treasures and nine cracks". The more rare the jade, the more cracks may be (what the blood will appear after the legendary jade, but it is actually a crack).
    This cracks are likely to be caused by bumps or hot swelling, of course, it may also be caused by helping you block. In the direction of the fissure of the lights, if it is cracking horizontally, everyone does not have to make a fuss; the fruit is a longitudinal crack, which proves that the jade has blocked it for you, and there is no aura. Such jade cannot be worn. Find a suitable place to put it away.
    It -wearing emerald bracelets has a health care effect. First, it is well known that massage for human acupoints is one of the fitness methods. Some meridians of the human body start from the fingers, passing through the wrist to the upper arms, and the acupoints are distributed on the meridians or nearby. There are important acupuncture points such as internal and external, Shenmen, Pension, and Yangchi on the wrist. The activities make the bracelets constantly massage the acupuncture points on the wrist to achieve the purpose of fitness.
    It, the jadeite jade bracelet is a category of Chinese medicine treasure house -mineral medicine. When the bracelet is in contact with the skin, some chemical components in the bracelet may penetrate the skin, which makes mineral drugs work and produces health care functions. According to information, the main function of Baoyu stone mineral medicine is: town shock, nourishing the five internal organs, moisturizing the heart and lungs, helping sound and throats, bleeding, nourishing essence, and going to the eyes. It can be proved that wearing bracelets does have a health effect.
    (1) Look at the water head. There is a word: "The bracelet is seed, the pendant is to see the color." It can be seen that the importance of bracelet water head. The good water head is also "planted" bracelets on the hand, which can make women younger and more energetic. The dry bracelet is worn on the hand. Without water, people look old -fashioned. Therefore, it is recommended that ladies use water head as the primary factor when buying emerald bracelets.
    (2) Look at the color. Jade selling people. The color of emerald must first like it. Green is not suitable for everyone. Some people like purple emeralds; some people like yellow emerald; some people like colorful emeralds. Regardless of the color, young ladies are best to choose a more bright and transparent bracelet, which looks young, energetic, and full of vitality; elderly women should choose a slightly darker bracelet.
    (3) Look at the style. There are three popular bracelet styles: round bracelets (traditional models), flat bracelets (general bracelets) and elliptical bracelets (also known as "Concubine Bracelet"). Round bracelets are traditional models, suitable for middle -aged and elderly women; flat bracelets and concubine bracelets are new bracelets, suitable for professional women, and wearing work will not affect work. Consumers' purchase is mainly considered from the personal size and working method. The wrist is thin, and it is more appropriate to choose a round bracelet and flat bracelet; the wrist is thick and the flat type is better; the wrist is wide, then choose the confeay bracelet to be more beautiful. From the perspective of market sales, flat bracelets are currently favored by women.
    (4) Look at the size. The choice method of the inner diameter size of the bracelet is mainly the human hand bone soft and hard, as long as the bracelet can pass through the palm bone. The inner diameter of the bracelet is generally divided into three types: the diameter of the small ring mouth is 50-54 mm, the standard ring diameter is 55-57 mm, the diameter of the medium-large circle is 58-60 mm, and the diameter of the large circle is above 60 mm. The most beautiful to wear bracelets is a slight swimming distance between the bracelet and the wrist. The more you serve, the better.
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  2. It's still a bit particular, look at the style. Three of them are more popular: round bracelets (rounds inside and outside); flat bracelets (outer circle inner flat); concubine bracelets (oval). When purchasing, you can consider from the personal body size. The hands and wrists are thin, choose a thinner one, you can choose a flat bracelet or a concubine bracelet, which is not suitable for round bracelets. It is more comfortable to wear and can be rotated at any time. The concubine bracelet style is relatively good -looking. It can be posted on the wrist, especially the young women or thinner women. It's sad to not get up. Two look at the size. The inner diameter of the jade bracelet (refers to diameter) varies from person to person. Generally, the jade bracelet is required to wear it on the wrist instead of hanging on the hand. There is a certain swimming distance after the hand. The choice is large. On the one hand, it is not convenient to do things on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is easy to collide and damage. How big is it suitable to wear a jade bracelet? It is best to ask experts to see it and straighten your fingers together. This outer diameter size is the size of the jade bracelet you want to wear, not the size of the wrist joint. The hand joints are hard, the size may be larger, and the soft size of the hand joint may be smaller. Three look at age. The young women should focus on the seeds and water heads of the jade bracelet, and have a little color, so that people look young, giving people a tender, moist, thin, and white feeling; elderly women focus on the color of the color, Such as oily green, orchid water, floating orchids, beans, and dark green jade bracelets; middle -aged women's choice range is relatively large, and the color is more and less. As long as you like it, it is suitable for yourself. Four look at skin tone. Women with dark skin can choose a better water, and the color of the jadeite may not be too dark, otherwise people will look darker; women with fair skin, if they are young, the color can be pretty, the water is better, but all is all, but all is all Green is not necessarily good -looking. People who wear it are old -fashioned. You can also choose to bring a little bean water, drifting a bit of green flowers, clean and delicate jade bracelets. You can also choose a chicken oil yellow jade or pink tone. Violet Jade Bracelet. The range of neutral skin selection is relatively large. According to the love of each person, you can choose a jade bracelet with a variety of dark colors and better water. Four depends on true and false

  3. How to buy emerald bracelets
    among various jade jewelry, the most output is jade bracelet, and the highest value is also jade bracelets. When coming to make jade bracelets, we must first strive to process a jade bracelet.

    1. When the bracelet is played, we must carefully observe whether the jade bracelet has a crack (referring to the fracture of the secondary life, which is often horizontal distribution). Observation, especially pay attention to whether there are cracks or damage to the red line cover of the jade bracelet, because severe cracks are the fatal injury of the jade bracelet.

    . It is necessary to find the flaws of the jade bracelet with a keen eyes (including the black or yellow spots on the jade bracelet, the white "stone flower" and the native not to break the jade pattern); Whether the shape of the jade bracelet is very garden, whether the thickness of the bar diameter is uniform, and whether the polishing is passing.

    . Pay attention to whether the size of the jade bracelet ring and the thickness of the strip diameter meet the needs. This is related to the buyer’s fat and thinness. Young people love thin strips.

    4. Good jade bracelets should be "colored." "Seeding" refers to the delicate crystal and transparency of jade; "color" mainly refers to emerald green. In general, we should keep in mind the following four sentences: first check the cracks and prevent fatigue, the defects should be less work, the size is not difficult to deal, and the "colored" square fine products.

    In when buying jade bracelets, it is not difficult to test how much you need to wear. There are two main cases:
    . When the buyer who purchases the jade bracelet is present, as long as you are present, as long as you are present, you only need to be present. The jade bracelet can be worn in 4 long fingers (that is, except the thumb) to the "tiger mouth", and feel a little tighter, then remove the jade bracelet and measure the inner diameter, for example, it is just 55 mm, then this size is that you are suitable The mouth of the circle. If you like to loosen a little, increase it by 1-2 mm, and you can put it on or remove easily. Some people like to wear a small jade bracelet, and even if you wear it, you do n’t plan to remove it again. Then you can reduce the above size by 1-2 mm and try it on the spot. When you try to wear, apply some dishwashing or soapy water to your hand. Please help others and put the jade bracelet into the wrist.

    . When the buyer is not present, it is best to know the size of the jade bracelet itself. To buy jade bracelets, it is difficult to accurately. In terms of color, young people love to be lighter, while middle -aged and elderly people love the dark color jade bracelets. Young women like red and green hibiscus, light green flowers and gorgeous violet jade bracelets. Middle -aged women like light -colored mung bean greens, oil green and strong purple Roland jade bracelets. The elderly like the three -color jade bracelet of violet or emerald and white green and white "Fulu Shou". Those who have poor economic conditions love darker green mung bean green, oily green and green -skinned green jade bracelets. In addition, the green jade bracelet with obvious green green ground is almost popular.

    The mantra of jade merchants: "No pattern can not be made of jade." This sentence has a certain reason. For example, when using a large mirror or the naked eye carefully to observe a jade bracelet, it is not surprising that some small jade patterns (also known as jade tendon). It has a little effect on solidity. Cracks are another matter. It is a secondary crack formed by jade mining, transportation, processing or storage. Nails can be scraped. The color of the cracks is often black or yellow. Although the cracking bracelet does not crack immediately, it is lurking that it is easy to break, which especially affects the aesthetics and gives people an imperfect and unpleasant feeling. Affect sales

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