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    Golden jewelry “replace the new new” exchange rules: 1. All Chinese gold products purchased by China Gold Flagship Store, various direct -operated stores, and authorized franchisees (with valid sales vouchers) ) 10 yuan / gram; 2. Non -above -mentioned Chinese gold products purchased by the above stores (with valid sales vouchers), collect 15 yuan / gram of working expenses (including losses, depreciation); The purchased gold jewelry must exceed 20 % of the total weight of the old cities, and the loss of money and 8 % of the gold price of the jewelry gold price on the day; More than 30 % of the total weight of the old May, charging losses and 10 % of the day’s gold price of the day of jewelry is charged. Fifth, precautions: 1. Foot gold below 990 and not belong to the scope of exchange; 2. After the golden menstrual melting detection, gold jewelry cannot be restored to the original; 3. Gold jewelry “replace the old new” replacement process: (1) detection (2) Weight (3) The purchase of gold jewelry for extended information: 1. There must be a regular tax invoice to indicate: the name of the jewelry, the color, and the weight. In order to query in the future; At present, the jewelry sold in the stores is mostly jewelry in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. It is characterized by novel and beautiful styles, but the purity is not necessarily very high. There are also jewelry produced by Zhejiang. Check whether the jewelry is safe, the chain body is straight, buckle, joint, ear clip, etc. In order to make the buckle of the bracelet, the connector of the earrings, and the head of the head, the color of these parts is lower; 4. The jewelry is sometimes turned white. Or when you are in contact with Mosice, chemical reactions occur, so you should also contact cosmetics less during the wearing process. Once you occur, you can request the store to solve it with the invoice. When storing jewelry, it is best to use a soft cloth to pack each piece separately, so as not to rub each other and cause losses.

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