wholesale levitating jewelry display How much does cryptocurrency collapse?

wholesale levitating jewelry display

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  1. jewelry wholesalers in usa Cryptocurrencies collapsed across the board, falling 40%a day.
    The on May 19, cryptocurrencies plummeted, and Bitcoin has now fallen by more than 25%. The panic of retail investors has intensified, and the crowded capital evacuation causes the serious stalemate or even collapsed. In this regard, the cryptocurrency trading platform coin announced the suspension of the withdrawal of Ethereum and ERC20.
    , as of press time, cryptocurrencies have rebounded, Bitcoin reported at $ 40,438/piece; Ethereum reported $ 2578/piece;
    This currency plunge is the role of multiple factors
    Alex Zuo, vice president of digital asset storage platform Cobo, told reporters: From the weekend Musk singing, the market has been relatively weak. China also has the latest regulatory dynamics. Foreign media directly explained that China banned the digital currency industry, and the domestic market was relatively panicked.
    On May 18th, the China Internet Finance Association, the China Banking Association, and the China Payment Clearing Association jointly issued the "Announcement on Preventing Virtual Currency Trading Style Risks". The issuance of currency authorities does not have currency attributes such as legal and mandatoryness, not real currency, and should not be used as currency in circulation in the market.
    In addition, in order to implement the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" energy consumption dual control target task, as one of the former export provinces of cryptocurrency computing power, Inner Mongolia has once again added virtual currency mining supervision. On May 18, the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission issued an announcement to comprehensively clean up the "mining" project of virtual currency. In the future, Inner Mongolia's supervision of virtual currency mining will still show a high pressure.
    Betbao financial researcher Pitt told reporters: "Recent discussions on Bitcoin and environmental protection issues may make some institutions under the pressure of relatively large ESG and have to sell Bitcoin."
    about the market's market Falling, Cobo Vice President Alex Zuo said that the market's current leverage is relatively high. Many declines are chain reactions. "Everyone thinks that the bull market is at the end of the bull market, but it is not expected that there are such big declines."
    The above content refers to Phoenix.com-sleeping all night, cryptocurrency staged a big collapse! 570,000 people burst out, who is the culprit? When will stop falling?

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