Why should you choose tungsten steel for precious metal compressor?

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  1. Tungsten steel is made of carbide and metal binders of rare metal tungsten. It is made of high -pressure mold pressure and high -temperature sintering. It is one of the important materials of the current jewelry and the trend of future jewelry development.
    Tungsten steel jewelry characteristics:
    1. Its high hardness, 7 times stainless, 4 times the titanium, hardness can be comparable to diamonds, hard wear resistance. Bright and eye -catching. Vajra luster. Noble and pleasing to the eye.
    2. Its brightness is very high, and the color and light can be emitted after polishing. The brightness is the same as the mirror.
    3. Its corrosion resistance is good. Through artificial sweat testing, it is completely non -corrosive, non -refundable, and unchanged.
    3. Its process: cut flowers, tablets, inlaid, carving, IP plating, IP -plated color carving and other hundreds of styles. Cut flowers and tablets: divided into full polishing and scrub.
    4. Its inlaid materials include natural drills, artificial diamonds "CZ", half gems, gold, silver, platinum.
    5. The text and patterns you like with metal laser are carved on the inside and outside of the ring.

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