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  1. Introduction: Chongqing Feishang Jewelry Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It uses Chongqing as the nation's jewelry company to radiate nationwide. So far, the company has successfully opened more than a hundred universal direct -operated stores in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan and other provinces. In the future, non -Shang Jewelery will aim at "improving product quality and creating non -still brands". In the fierce market competition, it will build the core competitiveness of enterprises. Non -Shang people firmly believe that it is enthusiastic about serving consumers, working in the market with integrity, and striving to create a bright tomorrow for non -Shang Jewelry! The company is mainly engaged in silver jewelry, gold jewelry, jade (jade bracelet), all kinds of pearl accessories, all kinds of natural gems. Winning gold and silver jewelry "China Famous Brand" won the "China 3.15 Integrity Enterprise" Chongqing Gold and Silver Jewelry Director Unit
    Legal representative: Peng Huijiong
    n registered capital: 1 million yuan
    If industrial and commercial registration number:
    Enterprise type: limited liability company
    company address: No. 56, Building 56, East Section, No. 56, East Section of Taishan Avenue, Chongqing City 11-4

  2. Chongqing Feishang Jewelry Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) registered in Chongqing in 2009-06-19. The registered address is located in the four units of 1 four units 11-4 in Building 56, East 56, East of Taishan Avenue, northern Chongqing.
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Chongqing Feishang Jewelry Jewelry Co., Ltd. is that the corporate legal person Peng Huiqiong is currently in the opening state.
    The business scope of Chongqing Feishang Jewelry Co., Ltd. is: sales, processing: jewelry, gold and silver jade jewelry, jewelry; sales: hardware, transportation, daily department stores, building decoration materials (excluding dangerous chemicals) , Furniture; marketing planning; business information consulting; corporate management consulting. [The projects that must be approved according to law can be carried out after approval by relevant departments. In Chongqing, the total registered capital of the company with similar operating scope is 11716.1 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in more than 50 million companies, with a total of 54 companies. Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is good.
    In Baidu Enterprise Credit View Chongqing Feishang Jewelry Jewelry Co., Ltd. More information and information.

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