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  1. The price of gold is 363.80 yuan/gram, but the gold bars belong to the country, and the price is determined by the national market. Gold is an individual and can be priced according to different market environments. In addition, there is a big difference between gold and gold bars. First of all, there are different value orientations. Jewelry gold is mainly reflected in the value of ornamental. Due to the high processing costs and process costs, and the profit demand of the enterprise, the price of gold is relatively higher than raw materials, and the premium range is generally above 20%. The price of investment in gold bars will be far lower than the price of gold raw materials containing gold in the Shanghai Gold Exchange at the same time. Therefore, as a pure investment, gold jewelry is not suitable for gold investment, and it is difficult to achieve the positioning of gold investment value. Followed by different forms. Jewelry gold refers to jewelry based on gold as raw materials, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, bracelets, earrings, earrings, etc.; Investment gold bars refer to price. The final characteristics are also different. Jewelry gold is a solid -state, valuable metal decoration with strong stability. The investment gold bars are floating. The daily price fluctuates according to the gold market market.
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    1. The style of gold jewelry
    Is all know that the texture of the gold is very soft and will deformed it with a little carelessness, so when we buy gold jewelry, we can pay attention to it. If you are a hollow or hollow style, we must be careful. This style is easy to deform. When wearing gold jewelry, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and injuries everywhere, especially for some babies who want to go to work. In the process of doing things, gold jewelry will be squeezed and style will be turned. If the gold jewelry is deformed and we want to restore its beauty, we need to go to the gold shop to find a professional person to repair it. Although it is better to buy jewelry after -sales service now, it is a waste of time.
    2, gold content of gold
    The current gold market is full. There will be some black -hearted merchants' fish -eye beads to sell the gold jewelry with low gold content. At this time, the baby must be careful and beware of being deceived. When you buy it, you can fold the gold jewelry slightly. If you can fold it, it is good gold. If it is hard, it may be mixed with other substances inside. Moreover, some gold jewelry has a high degree of processing and is more delicate, so it will also need other materials to be used, such as some welding gold jewelry, where the gold is welded. There is no way to fully integrate other materials. However, when calculating weight, other materials will be weighed with gold, so they will lose a sum of money.

  2. At present, around 280, all those who buy gold now are newbies, especially those who buy gold jewelry. Even if the gold will rise, it is difficult to make a profit when buying jewelry. Generally, there is no investment experience. The most common investment basis is from the psychology and fluke. The more you buy the more wrong, the more wrong, it is an idea that you do not admit your mistakes.

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