4 thoughts on “I will buy a diamond ring right away. What diamond appraisal agencies can be identified?”

  1. GIA, National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, National Jewelry and Jade Inspection Center, HRD, EGL, these are some very professional identification results.

  2. There are still a lot of diamond appraisal agencies now. You can go directly to the more well -known jewelry shops, which can be identified. Secondly, you can also conduct professional identification on some network platforms.

  3. The first thing that first thought of is GIA diamond identification, which is the world's most authoritative diamond appraisal agency; HRD is also an internationally recognized appraisal agency; IGI International Gem Institute is also a very authoritative institution.

  4. The output of diamonds is scarce, so it is extremely expensive. In fact, the reason why diamonds are so expensive are related to its weight and clarity, and on the other hand, it also shows that the certificates issued by the diamond appraisal agency are very effective and recognized by the public. Diamonds need to be identified, otherwise it is difficult to prove its value, which of course requires professional instruments and professionals.
    It diamonds will worry about buying fake diamonds after buying, so they will detect diamonds, but they suffer from lack of professional equipment and professional knowledge. What should we do if we encounter similar situations as consumers? In fact, it is very simple. Nowadays, there are many authoritative diamond appraisal agencies to provide diamond testing services. You only need to send diamond inspection.
    It to say the value of diamonds, I believe many people are clearly on the chest. Naturally, it is more than just money that you buy fake goods. Therefore, finding a professional institution has become something that must be done. At present, the most recognized internationally is GIA diamond identification.
    GIA diamond appraisal is the most authoritative diamond appraisal agency in the world. It is the 4C standard for certified diamond value. As a non -profit organization, the GIA appraisal certificate has been recognized by most diamond factories and diamond brands. It can be said that it is a "ID card" of diamonds. Generally, you can apply for GIA certification as long as you reach 30 points or more, which is the paper version provided by the store when we buy diamonds in jewelry. However, GIA certification is expensive, and the appraisal cost is determined according to the size, standards, and work of diamonds. GIA's certificate is true and effective, with high credibility, and divided into two modes. Small certificates are used for diamonds below 1 carat, and each detection requires $ 60-70; more than one carat is a large certificate, and can also provide diamond laser marks, which costs $ 100 once.
    HRD is also an internationally recognized appraisal agency. It is a Belgian diamond appraisal certificate and is officially recognized by Belgium. HRD diamonds are more concerned about color description, color design, and authentication in luminescence. They are often used to identify the difference between imitation diamonds and real diamonds. As one of the internationally recognized diamond appraisal agencies, the cost of HRD for diamond appraisal is lower than GIA, about $ 40 -50.

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