3 thoughts on “What should you pay attention to when you repurchase the physical gold”

  1. The repurchase of physical gold is the recycling of the material of the gold
    1. When recycling, you need to pay attention to knowing the real situation of your golden objects. There is also the understanding of gold recycling merchants. Only when you do you know what you know about others will you not be deceived.
    2, it is best to bring the retained purchase voucher with it, which is a strong proof of the golden object.
    3, market price, gold prices fluctuate every day, you have to choose a considerable price for selling gold, then you need to understand the recent price. There is a possibility of price increase to be available for sale at a higher price price.
    4, there are a lot of merchants who are currently repurchase gold. Whether it is online or offline, it is not easy to choose a suitable merchant. Search for gold recovery in Alipay, and then choose the first one to choose the first one. Essence

  2. 1. Select the repurchase channel
    In general, there are differences in the repurchase conditions such as banks and gold shops with repurchase business. Generally, when the bank repurchase the physical gold products, only the investment of investment bars, gold coins, and gold chapters of investment. The collection products are not in the scope of the repurchase business. At the same time, when the banks are repurchased, investors are required to show their sales vouchers and intact packaging. When jewelry malls repurchase physical gold, they generally only repurchase their own products, so investors should bring sales vouchers when they are purchased when they are repurchased. As for the pawn bank, there is no special requirement for the repurchase products.
    2. Understand the repurchase price
    In addition to the repurchase price, in addition to the price discount when repurchasing the product, some banks also need to charge another “handling fee”; while jewelry malls and pawns are pawn The bank will have a certain discount on the basis of the Shanghai Gold Exchange quotation. The specific discount regulations are formulated by the repurchase party.
    In addition, the Shanghai Gold Exchange implements the principle of “no longer entering the warehouse after the gold is out of the warehouse”, so once the goods are lifted, they cannot enter the exchange trading. Therefore, it is recommended to buy gold investors for the purpose of investment. Do not choose to extract physical gold after buying. Physical gold exempt storage fee.

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