What kind of gift gifts are given to customers at the end of the year?

What gifts are good to customers at the end of the year?

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    The business gift set
    The business gift set of LOGO can be customized, while sending customers, they can also promote themselves by the way. It is cheap, mouse, pen, mouse, etc., which are exquisite and practical. Give it to customers, don't worry too much.

    The business notes this set of gift box
    Business notes this set gift box
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    nThe imported from Tanglucas, Spain, two high -end gift boxes, which are very suitable for business gifts, high -end gift red wine, quality and taste of quality and taste. On the occasion of the New Year, share red wine with customers and try something new. It is a pleasure, and gives customers with face.

    The imported dry red wine

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    R n The high -end decorations made of natural jade, crystal clear, pure texture, more collectible value, wealth and blessing, exorcising evil town houses, have extremely auspicious meanings. It is also very beautiful and atmospheric at home. Send a high -end atmospheric choice for customers in the year.

    The wealth and evil spirits 貔貅 貅 貔貅 貔貅 貔貅 貔貅 貔貅 貔貅 丨 r n

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    n The heroes are the veteran of the pen brand industry. The quality does not need to be said in business gifts, which represents the recognition and respect. It is also a very decent and heart -minded gift to give it to the new and old customers. In business rooms, the true feelings can be seen in the pen.

    This Playboy Pen Ink Gift Box

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    The automatic massage foot basin, fully massage the soles of the foot, soaking in health, is a practical and healthy gift for gifts. It is given to customers at the end of the year. It also reflects care and humanistic care. When your feet feel comfortable, you will think of the winter tenderness you send.

    The new flying footage massage foot bath

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    The pen holder
    The decent ornament is a gift. Made of activated carbon materials can purify the indoor air and adsorb the dirt in the air. At the end of the year, it is very special to give customers the good meaning of congratulations to getting rich and rich.

    The Chinese style solid wood carved pen holder

    The Chinese style solid wood carved

  2. First of all, it depends on the object. For example, you give the leaders to answer the gifts recommended by the gifts to the gifts you give to the customer. Secondly, gender should also be distinguished. At the same time, if you just choose a high -end thank you gift at will, it will make people feel that you don't pay attention to them. So how to carefully select high -end thank you gifts? 1. Business office gifts such as, brand pens, thermal insulation capable water cups, tablet office ornaments, office set gifts, trophy medals, business card boxes, leather goods, etc. Graduate cloth bag, leather imitation leather wallet, leather key bag, etc. 3. Healthy body idle gifts such as: fitness set gift, outdoor body idle gift, picnic set gift, sports kettle gift, etc. 4. Digital electronic gifts such as gift U disk suit , Mobile power supply, electronic perpetual calendar, chronograph pen holder, humidifier, electric pot, etc. 5, business book gifts such as: real silk tie fixed weaving, business silk scarf fixed, notebook notes, folder business cards, etc. 6, furniture home textile gifts Such as: ceramic tableware, bedding, ceramic tea set, home accessories, kitchenware home appliances, tool sets, etc. 7, process special gifts such as process ornament gifts, ceramic craft gifts, carving craft gifts, silk craft gifts, copper craft gifts, gem jade wares摆件、工艺钟表摆件、雕塑工艺礼品、木质工艺礼品、金属工艺礼品、竹质工艺礼品、树脂工艺礼品、 仿玉工艺礼品、炭雕工艺礼品、纯银工艺礼品、水晶工艺礼品、玻璃工艺礼品、刺绣屏风工艺、紫砂茶具礼品等8、收藏纪念礼品如:钱币收藏、纪念币收藏册、纪念币册礼品、徽章礼品铸造、纪念金币礼品、纪念银币礼品、纪念银条礼品、电镀、金银币、 Gold card silver card gifts, etc.

  3. What gifts to give customers at the end of the year are better. You did not figure out this question. What customers are not said to be given to, because the reason for male and female customers is that most of the gifts for male customers are cigarettes and alcohol for customers, cosmetics, and clothes such as clothes. So what gift do you give to customers at the end of the year? Based on boys or girls to choose their gifts.
    1. According to customer needs, if it is a real customer, tobacco, alcohol and tea; if it is a customer with a very quality life, send some craft collections; Proposal new preferential policies is more attractive than physical gifts;
    3, curve to save the country, and give gifts according to the needs of people around the cooperative company, such as sending parents products, sending children's products;
    4. Each company is the same, and only gift card coupons can be given for him to choose.

  4. How to give customers a gift to customers at the end of the year?
    Gift collection
    I specifically solved gifts for enterprises
    The a year is really fast, and it is time to end at the end of the year. Give a proper year -end customer gift. It is used to represent the support and care of our customers over the past year. So how should we give gifts at the end of the year to satisfy customers?

    -year-end customer gift-tea set
    1. First of all, the year-end gifts for customers cannot be given gifts like friends. Customers are our parents and food parents. The gifts you choose must be gratitude and blessings. A person who knows how to be grateful will give people a good impression.

    The company's year -end gift set
    2, the company's year -end gift, mainly represented by the company's image, the gift represents not your personal, but the company's image, so when choosing year -end customer gifts, Gifts will reflect the company's cultural heritage effect better.

    The end of the year-New Year Gift Pack
    3, the end of the year, it means that the new year is coming, welcome the New Year, a festive New Year gift is a good choice, such as this one, such as this The more creative New Year gift package is both a packaging and a transshipment bonus for lanterns.

    -year-old gift box
    4, year-end to give customers a heart-minded customer thank you gift, send a scarf suit The first choice.

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