wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers What credit card payment is needed to register Amazon. What kind of card is that credit card?

wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers Does anyone know

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  1. bulk wholesale jewelry boxes Dual currency credit card.
    The registered Amazon account must use a credit card, and it is required to be a dual currency card, and the foreign currency payment and online payment functions are required. This card is mainly used to register verification and pay monthly rent. The system will try to pre -authorize the credit card to verify that the credit card still has a credit limit. Essence
    In the process of registration and account operation, you can change the credit card information at any time. This credit card is used to settle the user's account balance when settlement. Or other expenses.

    The expansion information:
    registered Amazon Note:
    to ensure the true integrity of the registration information. Amazon has increased the reliability verification of sellers. In the past, casual virtual receipt names, credit card names, etc. As Amazon requested valid billing addresses, the accounts had an uncontrollable risk.
    If the same company household name signed network cable, company legal person credit card, company account names corresponding to third -party collection companies, the corresponding phone number of the company's legal person. Then it is to ensure the absoluteness of a physical isolation account.
    In the correspondence of trademark registration. I believe that many brand sellers of products, Listing, is gradually locked by Amazon that it is not allowed to sell, which is an excellent thing for sellers. Before opening the global store opening, the seller must register a good trademark, and remember that it must be the category that corresponds to each country and the corresponding category that users may sell in the future.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Amazon
    Reference materials Source: People's Daily-Amazon launch credit card swiping device is limited to the U.S. U.S. N

  2. jewelry wholesalers albuquerque You need to use VISA or credit card. If you have the previous credit card you handled, you can take it out. In addition to the UnionPay logo, there are one of these two signs, then this card is a dual currency card, you can directly bind the Amazon platform settlement Dollar. If you do n’t, then you need to get a new credit card from you. Now you are prohibited from dual -standard cards, so you need to apply for another foreign currency credit card with more quota sharing.

  3. korean fashion jewelry wholesale malaysia 06 Amazon account registration link 4 —— fill in the specification of the payment credit card

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