How to open the tractor tractor precautions

In logistics transportation, the tractor is a highly common vehicle. We can use the tractor to transport goods. However, because of the structure of the tractor, and the length between the tractor and the car is extremely high, so when driving the tractor, we must learn the skills and pay attention to safety. The following Custom semi trailer manufacturers will introduce how to drive a tractor and the precautions for driving a tractor.

One, how to drive the tractor

1. Preparation

When pulling, the two ends of the tow rope are respectively set on the tow hook and the tow hook of the tractor.

2, start

When pulling with soft link, the contact signal and matters needing attention between tractor and tractor should be determined first.

09824c167a042e73ac052f09fa4205653, driving

When driving a car with soft link traction, the car in front should keep a constant speed.

4, turn

When the soft link tractor meets the bay road, the car in front should slow down in advance and use gestures, and the horn should warn the car after the bay road. It should be driven on the outside of the bay road as much as possible.

5. Ramp driving

When going uphill, the front car should stagger its position with the rear car to prevent the front car from hitting the rear car when it backflows. Leading vehicles should keep to the right of the road when going downhill. Speed up the car correctly to prevent the traction rope from being too loose to control.

6. Braking and parking

Soft link traction driving, no special circumstances, the front car should try to avoid braking brake, not emergency braking. Parking should be selected in a wide flat area. The car in front should first use gestures to warn the car behind, and then slow down to the side of the road. The car is expected to pull into the side of the road in the smooth use of brake parking.

Two, driving tractor matters needing attention.​

1, the first need to pay special attention to is that the tractor is to see whether there is a car behind it, as small as possible to overtake, less lane shift, because the tractor body is tall, lane shift is difficult, overtaking is also extremely costly, therefore try to drive at a uniform speed in the lane.

2. Because the front and the car are connected with tools, the brake should be applied from the body of the car, while the front does not have the brake. This feeling will be different from that of other cars, and this braking method should be used.

3, the tractor is usually the transport of large goods, the body is extremely high, so the body should know when turning, turning at the right angle, typically turning Angle is greater than the main car, more than one meter, using the huge way to turn.

4, tractor reversing needs additional practice to go, reversing must see the rearview mirror, moderate reversing, because the body of the tractor is too tall, so the direction of the reflection is not particularly sensitive, reversing should try to play the steering wheel as rarely as possible.

5, open tractor weighing is also a skill, to the car slowly close to the pound, but can not press to the pound. At this time low gear, refueling door, let the car immediately can jump out of the feeling. This is in order to quick weigh, weighing speed may be quick, but also to be safe as the premise.

6, open the tractor uphill as much as possible when the conditions allow the slope. If the uphill with the clutch to reduce gear, gear down the moment the power of the car will be rapidly reduced, shown as climbing no energy, and frequent shift will make the fuel consumption of the car increase.

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