Ancient civilization Egypt, the land of myths and legends

Egypt, located in the northeast of Africa, is located in Europe, Asia and Africa, three continents of traffic arteries. The Indian and Atlantic oceans are connected by the carved Suez Canal, which connects the Atlantic via the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Suez Canal connects the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea. ​land area of more than 1 million square kilometers, more than 90 percent of the land is desert, population of about 100 million, the capital of Cairo.

Egypt belongs to Africa geographically, but from the perspective of language, history and so on, Egypt is closer to West Asia, more like a West Asian country.

The History of Egypt

​Once, ancient Egypt was one of the four ancient civilizations. Founded in 3100 BC, ancient Egypt went through 31 dynasties. Egypt was conquered by the Persian Empire in 525 BC, by the Greek and Roman empires, by the Arabs in 641 AD, and by the Ottomans in 1517. After being occupied by the British in 1882, it became a British "protectorate" and was declared the Republic of Egypt on June 18, 1953.39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược

In the history of Egypt, there is a highly legendary queen. She is called Cleopatra, that is, Cleopatra VII. She was a queen in ancient Egypt. Yan Queen not only has an amazing appearance, but also has a smart mind.

After competing with his half-brother for the throne, he made use of his beauty and was carried into the room of the Roman Emperor Caesar wrapped in a blanket. He impressed Caesar with his body and beauty and became the ruler of Egypt in alliance with Caesar. After Caesar's death, she gave herself to Caesar's Antony. When Antony was defeated, Cleopatra poisoned herself with a poisonous snake. The story of a lifetime's twists and turns has been made into countless movies and TV series.

There are many myths and legends in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed in many gods. There was the Sun God, the god of wind and air, the God of rain, the God of the earth, the god of the sky, the god of marriage, the god of fertility. There is even a god of the underworld similar to that of China, where the god of the underworld is Hades.

There are also numerous animal gods, lion god, lioness god, cat god, crocodile god and so on.

Mummification is the ancient Egyptians believed that the soul would go back to the underworld after death, and the body was the container of the soul and needed to preserve the body, so the ancient Egyptians would make the mummy after death to preserve the body, so that the soul would have a resting place.

More than 140 pyramids have been found in Egypt. Most of them were built 4,500 years ago. The pyramids were the tombs of the Pharaohs, who were the Kings of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed in gods and believed that there was an underworld, and Osiris was the god of the underworld. He was a pharaoh in life, but was killed by his brother Set, the desert god, who was jealous of him. He was mummified and became the ruler of the underworld.

The ancient Egyptians believed that there was a cycle of life, that the world was only a short stay, and that life began after death. So the rulers of ancient Egypt at the construction of the pyramids, and the pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians believed that the west bank of the Nile was the place where the sun fell, representing the death of life, could be easier to enter the underworld.

The pyramids themselves are full of mysteries and amazing numbers. The famous pyramid, Khufu's Pyramid, divides its base circumference by twice its height to get the number 3.14159, which is PI. The weight of the pyramid times a billion is equal to the weight of the Earth, the specific gravity of the pyramid is equal to the specific gravity of the Earth and so on. In addition, the construction and transportation mysteries have not yet been solved.

Egyptian parents choose their children's names casually and humorously, using the names of countries and even brands as personal names. A lot of people name "France", "Egypt", "Germany" and so on. There are a lot of car brands that have the name, the name is "Audi", "Mercedes", "BMW" and so on.

Many Egyptian parents even named their children after famous people of the time, such as Roosevelt and Churchill during World War II. They even named their children after paper money, such as "euro" and "dollar".

61673d970b2b573099606aa93ed89c24In Egypt you'll find a lot of houses that are unfinished, that are still under construction, but they're already occupied. One reason is tax avoidance. There are various taxes and fees for building houses in Egypt, but these are paid after they are built, thus numerous homeowners leave their homes in an unfinished state. In addition, Egyptians also attach great importance to the concept of family, support the elderly. Generally, Egyptian children live with their parents. ​Then the Egyptians built a house, and when the children grew up and got married, they built another story, then they kept building higher and higher, and never finished.

Egyptian law allowed four wives, but in practice the locals seldom married four wives, and all the previous wives had to agree, and all the wives were treated equally, not favoring anyone. Only about 2,000 Egyptian men have four wives, according to local surveys.

In numerous cafes and tea houses in Egypt and even in the streets, numerous Egyptians gather together to smoke water pipes. The hookah is made by burning tobacco, filtering it through water and passing it into a straw for smoking. There's no other entertainment in Egypt, people just hang around and chew the fat, bongs and water bubbling, people spending time together.

Ancient Egyptians used spices very early, and after the refinement of spices is essence, the Egyptian fragrance preparation method is strictly confidential. The perfume of France comes from the essence of Egypt. Without the essence of Egypt, there would be no perfume of Paris. The French use Egypt's perfume to make the world - renowned perfume, and the French perfume is perfume with alcohol and water is perfume.

The Nile River runs through the whole country of Egypt. In Egypt, the Nile River is about 1350 kilometers long and is the mother river of Egypt. Moreover, the Nile is the only river in Egypt, and the vast majority of Egypt's people live on the banks of the Nile and on the plains of the Nile Delta that are washed out by the Nile waters.

About 7,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians observed astronomy and discovered that when Sirius and the sun rose together, the Nile would flood, and they understood the rules of the Nile's flood. Finding that the two floods were about 365 days apart, and so designating the year as 365 days, the wise ancient Egyptians created the earliest solar calendar in human history.

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