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  1. At present, several common gold wealth management methods in my country are:
    Me buying gold stocks or futures:
    In the A -share market, there are many listed companies that are mainly based on precious metals such as gold. These stocks need to open a stock account, and you can buy relevant stocks directly after a stock account; you need to buy a futures account to buy gold futures, which is not suitable for novice.
    Me buying gold fund:
    Gold funds can buy the Gold ETF Fund on the court and need a stock account; you can also buy the Gold ETF connection fund outside the field, such as buying channels such as banks, brokerage, WeChat, Alipay and other channels. These funds are calculated based on the trend of gold price. The price of gold is floating up and down, and the income of the gold fund will follow the float.
    Me buying paper gold:
    The investment in the investment after gold precious metals. Investors need to open an account at the bank. Paper gold adopts a 24 -hour uninterrupted transaction and T 0 delivery method.
    This to buy physical gold:
    Ber banks can invest in gold bars and gold coins; you can also go to the gold shop to buy gold jewelry, which also has the function of value -added preservation.
    Be gold investment benefits 1. Value stable and constant time
    M luxury goods cannot be preserved, can houses and land permanent value preservation? Not to mention the 70 -year house use rights implemented in Mainland China, and the maintenance and maintenance of the house after a long time are a large cost. Now it is difficult for people to see houses in the age. Exist. Land cannot be permanently preserved. In case of natural disasters and human disasters, the value of the land will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the value of the land is also affected by the economic development of the local area, depending on the government's planning, the governance of the state, and the improvement of the economic system. There will be no such problems in gold. At any time, anywhere, its value will not be shaken by regional mutations.
    The benefits of gold investment 2. The market for investment is difficult to appear in the market of the dealer
    The market for any regional stocks may be manually manipulated. But the gold market will not happen. Golden Market is basically a global investment market. In reality, there is no consortium that can manipulate Jinshi. It is precisely because the gold market is difficult to market, so it provides a greater guarantee for gold investors.
    Be gold investment benefits 3. Convenience of property rights transfer
    In open -gold markets, anyone can buy gold from open occasions, and can also transfer freely like gifts without any similarity. Obstacles to the registration system. Moreover, the gold market is very huge, and there are any forms of gold trading at any time. The transfer of stocks and real estate will be much more complicated.
    The benefits of gold investment 4. It can effectively fight inflation
    Over the decades of inflation, the currency shrinkage of various countries caused by inflation is very severe. When it shrinks to a certain degree, banknotes will be like waste paper. Gold will rise accordingly with the rise. Therefore, making gold investment is the best way to avoid being eaten in the upper rise.
    Be gold investment benefits 5. It is the world's traffic
    The people around the world regarded gold as the best entanglement for the far door. To this day, gold is still the world's currency. As long as you have real gold in your hands, banks, jewelry dealers, and gold merchants around the world can exchange gold to local currencies. Gold can pass all over the world. Its currency status is more stable than the US dollar. In addition, gold is also recognized by the world, and people in all countries have consensus on the valuable value of gold.
    Cin investment benefits 6. No depreciation problem
    The problems with depreciation of almost all luxury goods, such as famous bags, watches, famous cars, and so on. When you buy it, you can no longer be sold at the original price. After a long time, the value is depreciated after a long time. It may not even be worth even half of the original price. But gold does not have depreciation problems, and its glory and value are permanent. When the gold jewelry has been worn for a long time, the value of the gold itself has not diminished, and there is no price of second -hand gold on the market. As long as gold is cleaned, the original luster can be restored. Or gold bars.

  2. The first is the category of gold investment. If investors' impression of gold investment still stays in the buying and selling of real gold such as gold coins and gold coins. In fact, with the continuous development of the investment market, gold also derives richer investment types in accordance with the trend of the times.
    In addition to the well -known physical gold, it also includes different products such as spot gold, gold futures, paper gold, and gold T D. Product selection type.
    The size of the gold market. There is an interesting phenomenon in the wealth management market, that is, the less people with a certain wealth management product, the lower its attractiveness, the poor activity, and the greater the chance of being eliminated by the market. At the same time, people can get it from it. The benefits are also very low, so most people choose to invest in many people's products to invest in carefully.

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