5 thoughts on “Is the diamond really valuable? Which preservation compared to gold?”

  1. Gold has always been a precious metal that people like. In ancient gold, it was once used as currency circulation. Whether it was ancient or modern people, they liked gold as jewelry, especially when they got married or not, they would buy a few gold jewelry. I do n’t know when diamonds have become people ’s new favorite. Many people hope to have an eternal diamond when choosing jewelry. Even gold has to stand side by side. Is the diamond really valuable? Compared with gold, which one is more value -preserved?
    The diamonds are harder than the golden texture. Diamond mining is mined and processed. The entire process will not be damaged or corroded. A diamond can be passed down for generations, so merchants borrow this to hype. Diamonds represent eternity, and the purity of diamonds is very high. People desire to have a pure love, representing loyalty to love, and hope that their love can be as eternal like diamonds. This is why young people choose diamond rings when they get married. Because of the reason.
    This diamonds are better than gold compared with gold. Gold can be better. Gold can be used as international currency circulation, and gold prices are more transparent. Whether it is value preservation or realizing gold is easier. Diamonds only have a basic value preservation capacity only with good quality. Although the price of diamonds is also very transparent, diamond identification is very professional. Most jewelry shops will recover gold but will not recycle diamonds. Price, so diamonds are not easy to realize.
    Gold and diamonds belong to different varieties, and the value of the two is different. Diamonds must meet investors to be high, high purity, cutting process, international certificate, etc. At the same time, it has also possessed. Several elements of diamonds have collectible value. Diamond prices fluctuate relatively small and can stir -fry prices in the short term. However, because the diamond market covers the world, it will not rise or plummet. Therefore, diamonds can be held for a long time.

  2. Yes, diamonds are really valuable, because diamonds are now very delicate, and diamonds are the hardest stones in the world. Compared with gold, they still have gold preservation.

  3. It is very valuable, because the number of this thing is not particularly much. Gold is more value -preserved. This thing is non -renewable resources, and there are many applications in the high -tech field.

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