What's the best way to pick a sex doll?

1. Determine the purpose of purchase.

As mentioned above, most people buy dolls to meet their physiological needs. The dolls made of tpe material and those with basic functions are the first choice.

For those in need of companionship, or for photography enthusiasts, the lifesize sex dolls, which feature intelligent conversations, and silicone heads with more detailed faces, are recommended.

2. Identify your strengths.

We have dealt with such a case. A customer bought a doll, but after signing for it, he found that the doll was too heavy to move out, and because it was too private, he was sorry to ask for help, so he had to return the doll in situ.

Unlike a real person, a doll is not alive and can't adjust its weight to match you.


So even if the same weight, the doll will be much heavier than the real person, you can refer to the feeling of carrying a drunk unconscious person.

Therefore, the purchase of dolls must determine their own strength, or even if the purchase of a doll can move, use constantly changing posture, it is easy to make themselves tired, affecting the use of mood.

As a beginner, it is recommended to buy animesexdoll, which is 1-1.25 meters tall and weighs 12-15kg.

Experienced customers or strength to allow customers, it is recommended to buy 1.35 meters above the doll.

Dolls that are too small are prone to feelings of guilt, which can affect the experience.

3. Determine the psychological price.

​The average price of a silicone doll: more than 7,000 yuan.

The price of sex dolls and material, height are related, the above price range is just a reference, not the only judgment standard, can only say that the daily price (note: non-activity price) 700 yuan below the sex doll must be carefully screened, careful purchase.

In the above price range, it should also be carefully screened.

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