Xuanwei China powder coating capacity expansion!

Powder coating has been widely used in metal surface coating, mainly used in home appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, auto parts, office furniture, building metal doors and windows, oil pipelines, computers, television and other fields.

In order to meet the market demand and expand the powder coating market scale, Sandwick plans to expand the powder coating capacity.

Powder coating Powder manufacturer annual output 6000 tons powder coating expansion project, recently in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, the enterprise investment technology transformation project for the record application.

Data shows, the Sherwin-williams company is engaged in the coatings research and development, production, processing and trade enterprises, is the nation's largest paint manufacturers, due to the top two in the world, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, its production plant, paint store, branch offices and other facilities in North America and around the world.


In July 2018, Shandway (Nantong) with a total investment of 650 million yuan annual output of 79,000 tons of paint project was put into production. This includes 3,000 tons/year of powder coatings, which accounts for about 3.8% of total capacity. Located at the intersection of economic development axes along the Yangtze River and along the coast of Jiangsu Province, Nantong is one of the central cities of Jiangsu province, an important modern port, industrial, trade and tourism city in the east of Jiangsu Province, and also the hub of Jiang-hai combined transportation in Jiangsu Province.

When THE 6000 TONS OF powder coating expansion project is successfully put into operation, the powder coating production capacity of Xuanwei (Nantong) will be greatly improved.

It is worth mentioning that Shandwick (Shanghai) Coating Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandwick (Shanghai)") is another major enterprise of Shandwick Company selling powder coating products in China.

Data show that Shandwick (Shanghai) Coating Co., Ltd. in 2021 sales volume of 8800 tons, powder coating is one of the top 100 enterprises. In 2021, the total sales volume of powder coating in China was about 2.1981 million tons, a slight increase of 3.84% year-on-year. The top 100 enterprises still account for nearly half of the market share in the country, which is the "locomotive" driving the development of the powder coating industry.

In addition, Shandwick has established several production bases in Foshan, Guangdong and Wuqing, Tianjin, China.

Recently, Shandwick announced that it has won a total of eight major awards at home and abroad, including the "Excellent Supplier Award" issued by Sany Group, Zoomlion and Weichai Revo, as well as the preferred brand of China's Top 500 real estate developers.

David B.Sewell, global president of Shandwick Group, once said that the future Asia-Pacific coating market is full of opportunities and challenges, and will implement a series of strategic measures including acquisition expansion plan, establishment of research and development centers, the establishment of factories and so on to expand the Asia-Pacific market.

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