What factors and indicators should be depends on when buying diamond ring?

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  1. Buying a diamond ring mainly depends on the price, 4C, the number of 4C Richees is the first, the second is cutting, and the diamonds are not so important. In fact, the color is not so important, because even if you buy the DEF color, make a one, make a one, make a one, make a one. Gold's precepts, or wearing yellow clothes, may look a little yellow in this diamond. The laboratory that identify the color of diamonds in the appraisal agency must be black and white and gray. Buying diamonds must be more cheaper, the better. It is recommended to buy a diamond brand or imported a professional diamond brand such as Diamond Foundry. Big carat diamonds have IGI or NGTC or GCAL certificates. Both quality and after -sales are guaranteed.

  2. 1. Hardness

    Mo's hardness 10, Xin Mo's hardness 15, microscopic hardness 100kg/mm2, microscopic hardness is 1,000 times higher than quartz, 150 times higher than Gangyu. The hardness of diamond stone is directional. The hardness of the eight -sided crystal surface is greater than that of the diamond -shaped dose -as -as -surface crystal hardness.

    2, diamond color

    has a variety of colors, from colorless to black, with colorlessness. They can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Many diamonds are yellow, mainly because diamonds contain impurities.
    The refractive index of diamonds is very high, and the color scattered performance is very strong. This is why diamond reflects colorful and flashing.

    3, luster

    The outstanding, flat and bright crystal or diarrhea's reflection effect on white light is particularly strong, and this very characteristic reflective effect is just Called as King Kong.

    4, color scattered or out -of -fire

    has a variety of crystal surface like diamond -like prisms, which can decompose white light into the crystal of the crystal through refraction, reflection, and full reflection into a white light. - Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 靛, purple and other color light.

    5, brightness

    because of high reflection rate, its reflection critical angle is small, the range of full reflection is wide, the light is prone to full reflection, and the amount of reflection is large. As a result, a high degree of brightness.

  3. Before buying a diamond ring, you need to understand the characteristics of the diamond ring and the price composition. The price of diamond ring is mainly composed of diamonds and rings. Diamond 4C level directly affects the quality and price of diamonds. The price of platinum for trash is higher than K gold. In addition, when buying a diamond ring, you must ask a diamond quality identification certificate corresponding to the diamond. The internationally recognized diamond certificate is GIA and IGI and the diamond national inspection certificate is the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center -NGTC issued Certificate

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