Is there a jewelry wholesale market in Panyu?

I want to open a small -scale jewelry shop. I heard that there are many processing plants in Panyu. I wonder if there is any jewelry wholesale market? Thanks!

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  1. World Jewelry, Panyu Manufacturing

    In Hong Kong and Macau jewelry stores, 10 of each of the jewelry and jade emeralds are derived from Panyu, Guangzhou; It may also be "Made in Panyu". At present, several towns in Panyu in Guangzhou have their own jewelry jewelry industrial parks, and Luohua Jewelry is also proud of its peers. With the country's larger concentrated jewelry jewelry production and processing industrial bases and world jewelry jewelry supply chain industrial bases, almost every year attracts businessmen from all over the country and countries around the world. In Southeast Asia and other areas, the ecosystem of Panyu Jewelery Industry is famous. In order to fully present this dazzling "dazzling pearl" in the Panyu industry, the Panyu District Media Center now starts the "World Jewelry Panyu Manufacturing" column group on various online platforms. To this end, it has conducted special reports and invited to note.

    The Guangzhou Jewelry
    has continuously developed after more than 30 years, Guangzhou Panyu has become one of the core development areas of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Jewelry and Jewelry Manufacturing Industry. Large -scale precision Jewelry Jewelry Manufacturing Industry Base, areas with a high level of global development of jewelry manufacturing. According to the survey, Panyu occupies 30 % of the market share of world jewelry products manufacturing, and the 70 % market share in Hong Kong and Macao is famous for the world.

    The number of inlaids in Panyu surpassed the world -renowned jewelry giants.
    The 1980s, since the domestic reform and opening up, Hong Kong's industrial transfer and the world's consumer market's demand for jewelry has increased. The first stop of the transfer of overseas jewelry industry.

    . After more than 30 years of steady development, Guangzhou Panyu has established a small town of Shawan Treasure and Dalo Tang Jewelry Town as the center. The jewelry industry and economic circles of the town street gathered more than 400 jewelry processing manufacturing companies in more than 30 countries and regions in the world, and more than 2,000 companies in marketing and operation companies.

    Nowadays, "World Jewelry, Panyu Manufacturing" has forced "World Jewelry, Panyu Creation, Panyu Marketing". Panyu's ambition is not only that. Luohua Jewelry will seize the opportunity and play its advantages, and go all out to build the Jewelry and Jewelry Industry Strategic Cooperation Zone of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area represented by Panyu. Jewelry industry development base and jewelry custom capital.

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