5 thoughts on “What gifts are good to attend the wedding”

  1. 1 As a valuable precious metal, gold jewelry gold fully has the potential to appreciate. Although the small jewelry of gold is small, it is small and delicate, small and valuable. It is given to the bride as a new wedding gift. On the day of marriage, the bride can be decorated.
    2 Teaware set China has a long history and profound sources of tea. Please entertain the first cup of tea in front of the guests. Sending a set of ceramic tea sets or European -style tea utensils to the wedding couples is not only practical, but also elegant and beautiful, it will add a lot of petty bourgeoisie to the life of the young couple.
    3 Newcomer dolls will participate in the wedding room of the newcomer. At this time, you can easily see the newcomers in the wedding room. Wearing a red dress, or hugging or holding hands, the expression often opened with a smile is lively and full of joy. Therefore, the festive newcomer doll is also preferred to give gifts to newcomers!
    4 The cross -hanging wall -mounted cross stitch is the most popular embroidery in modern times. The needle method is simple and the embroidery is exquisite. Although it is not as good as Su Xiu and Shu embroidery, it is the most suitable for newcomers to give gifts after mounting. The wedding room is often new decoration, and there are many blankness and shortcomings. Sending clothes with small flowers and auspicious cross stitch wall hanging to newcomers, not only the meaning, but also the distinctive wall -mounted wall -mounted Oh!
    5 Silk silk is sent to a whole bed supplies to the newcomer, it is always embarrassing, it is better to send a bed silk quilt. The soft silk makes people feel your delicate thoughts and warm heart care. The gentle texture is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the delicate packaging suit will not make your gifts look cumbersome. It is very practical! The newcomer will also laugh happily!

  2. What to get a wedding gift-couple's pair of gifts
    If wedding gifts are best to be paired. This is the common sense of gifts for gifts. People are happy. You can choose beautiful ornaments, bed dolls, and even customized cups and photo frames.
    What is good for wedding gifts-special decoration
    The practical decoration in wedding gifts is very popular with newcomers. Now common decorations are lighting, cross stitch, album and comb sets. The delicate ornaments of the festive style or the red national style are also very good wedding gifts.
    What is good for wedding gifts-practical gifts
    . If you have no good idea, you may wish to give some practical gifts. Although it is said that the economic conditions are much better now, the newcomers have formed a new family that many details are not fully prepared. As relatives and friends, they can send some practical family supplies, which saves the troubles of newcomers purchased. Commonly married and practical gifts are the practical gifts of marriage. The tableware, seasoning boxes, various tools, and tea sets, bedding, and bathroom suits are also a good choice for the kitchen.
    What is good to get wedding gifts-creative characteristics
    The special gifts for wedding creativity can also win the favorite of newcomers, and can also express their own minds best. Most of the married post -80s and 90s are now married. They have high requirements for life quality, and they prefer the special gifts of trendy creativity as wedding gifts. However, since it is a wedding gift, even if you have creativity, you cannot jump out of the beautiful meaning of festiveness and blessings.

  3. Friends are generally young people, and their thoughts are more avant -garde. If you are a girl, then you may wish to record a DV for her girlfriend before getting married, or send an electronic album, which records her little bit. If you are a boy, you can send some more practical ones, such as wallets or ties. The boys are relatively simple and your heart is.
    This to relatives and relatives is related to blood. Generally, there will always be people from a large family to participate. At this time, do not send too much alternative things to avoid the dislike of elders who are more traditional. Or find someone to be a pair of dolls like newcomers on the Internet, and you can be recognized by the elders.
    do not feel that the selection of gifts to give the leader a pressure. In fact, the gift for the leader does not have to be very expensive. As long as your gift can reflect a certain meaning, then you can deepen their impression of you. It can also help you be promoted. Usually you can pay more attention to some preferences of the leader or the past, and then give him a gift that moves him.
    Since the wedding of the previous degree proves that your relationship is not so rigid after breaking up, then you can actually send some things that she / he mentioned to you but you didn't buy it, and try to think about it. There is really no gift that you can always want to send but have not been given. But do not send special significance to avoid misunderstanding.

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