1 thought on “What subjects do questionnaires are given to passers -by?”

  1. The business entertainment fee project in management expenses should be included in the management expenses. The management fee is first -level subject, and the business entertainment fee is second -level subject.
    Questionnaire survey:
    Questionnaire survey refers to the method of formulating a detailed and thorough questionnaire, which requires the respondent to answer the information accordingly. It is a question form prepared for survey, also known as the survey form.
    It is a common tool for collecting information in social survey and research activities. The research staff uses this tool to accurately, specifically determine the social activity process, and use the description of the amount of sociological statistical methods to quantity. And analysis, obtain the required survey materials.
    Questionnaire, also known as the survey table, is a tool for collected materials in social survey and research. Its form is a seal of the investigation content in the form of a problem. A series of issues designed with information such as attitude and behavior, characteristic value perspective or belief.
    Questionnaire survey is also known as the questionnaire method. It is the designer using a unified design questionnaire to understand the situation or consult the person to collect information to collect information.

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