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  1. Hi! Today Shijiazhuang Gold Jewelry Gold, Thousands of Gold Gold Price

    Call Dafu Jewelry Gold Price (Mainland) 337.00 yuan/gram

    R N Lao Fengxiang Foot gold price 338.50 yuan/gram

    Buchi hundred jewelry gold bar price 306.00 yuan/gram

  2. On the night of April 9th-April 10th, it rose first and then rose, stopped on the weekend, stabilized on April 15th, the transaction price was 263 yuan, the jewelry gold was about 320 yuan, the investment gold was 275 yuan, and the recovery was 254. If you have risks, you need to be cautious, despise advertisements, and despise that administrators need pictures and verify, please ask

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you, how many grams of Shijiazhuang's gold price today, one gram of Shijiazhuang gold recovery price of 370 yuan/gram (separate fees), Shijiazhuang gold bar recovery price 370 yuan/gram (handling fee separately), Shijiazhuang platinum price price 188 yuan/gram (separate fees).nExpand the renewal of knowledge). Category price purity handling fee Domestic large market gold price 370.4 yuan/gram gold content 99.9%-Shijiazhuang gold recovery price 370 yuan/gram gold content 99.9 yuan/gram Shijiazhuang gold bars recycling price 370 yuan/gram gold content 99.9 yuan/gramjiazhuang platinum recycling The price of 188 yuan/gram of gold is 99.9 yuan/gram of Shijiazhuang gold recovery price only on the day, and the daily gold recovery gold price will change. Shijiazhuang Gold Recycling has nothing to do with the gold brand, gold technology, gold and old, and old, or not invoices. Ancient gold and other prices are the same as the recovery price of ordinary gold jewelry. Gold recovery is mainly related to gold content, basic gold price, and golden gram of gold. The basic gold price fluctuates every day. The price of gold recovery is not fixed. The price of gold is 5 to 30 yuan/gram. For example, the basic gold price is 365 yuan/gram, then the gold recovery price in Xi'an is about 335-360 yuan/gramnI hope my answer can help you ~ [Big Heart]n1 morenBleak

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