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  1. Gifts express the warmest and most beautiful heart between people. ——Chandongzhong

    Gifts are the warmest and most beautiful hearts between people. ——In Jin Dazhong [Korean]

    It's interaction between people, the more thoughtful the etiquette, the better the luck. ——Ta Llele [British]

    For women, you can also consider giving gifts without useful gifts. Some seemingly worthless and useless things can make women unable to support it. ——Sakurai Hideyoshi [Ri]

    Wons do not buy friends with gifts, because when you stop giving, friendship will disappear. ——Foro [British]

    When you give a gift, don't forget to give me the horse. ——Lo Ao

    The most valuable gift contains the essence of warm interpersonal relationships. If there is a secular value of money and financial resources, the essence of the gift will fade. ——In Jin Dazhong [Han]

    The best gifts are not necessarily the most valuable, but that others urgently need but cannot be obtained for a while. ——Wang Guozhen

    The diligence is the virtue of the Chinese; direction, will, and strategy is the first element; not afraid of failure, unremitting struggle, planning, surprising victory and thoughtfulness are the essential conditions for success. ——In Lin Shaoliang [Indonesia]

    In in life, no matter what we face, we must believe that the desire will be realized. With such a belief, we can maintain a cheerful heart every day and use a smile to go with a smile. Welcome every day! ——The major weaknesses of Xia Kejin

    This loser is to give up. —— Thomas Edison

    It two things, there are two things, that is, must be eagles, or crawlers. ——Balzak

    The success to achieve great success. ——Wang Shao Nan [Middle]

    If determination of the horizon, thinking determines the way out,

    The positioning determines the position, the concept determines the road,
    n Details determine success or failure.

    The success is because of destiny, but most people succeed because they are tough.

    has developed great bravery from Dazhi. To strengthen confidence in understanding is the most resolute courage and strongest confidence. ——Ao Tao Fen [Middle]

    Is should be firmly believed that as long as you work hard, you will definitely have good results. You should keep your mood comfortable, full of confidence, and stride forward. ——Daosheng Kazuka [Japan]

    If want to succeed, you should take perseverance as a friend, experience as a consultant, patience as a brother, and hope to be the guardian. ——Imimon [Beauty]

    . To become a big thing, you must have both ideals and reality. —— Roosevelt [Beauty]

    The karma is fine and diligent, deserted in hipping; —— Han Yu

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